PSHE, SMSC & British Values


The English Curriculum at QE has Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) values at its heart. Through our study and discussion of a wide range of poems, play scripts, novels and non-fiction prose from across the centuries, we look at the SMSC dimensions and how these impact on our students’ lives today. We actively encourage discussion and debate on these issues as they arise through our work in English lessons, in addition to considering how these issues relate to British Values in 2017. We hope that by doing this we can open up our students’ hearts and minds to the wider SMSC issues in the world, in our local community and their own personal lives.



Spiritual – We encourage pupils to discover and explore different people’s beliefs and cultures whilst looking at the wider world. Pupils will develop personal values and beliefs as well as developing an understanding of other people’s values. They need to listen to each other and share their views and opinions.

Moral – Students learn to recognise right and wrong, understand choices and consequences, investigate moral and ethical issues and offer a reasoned viewpoint. Pupils at GCSE and KS3 will discuss environmental issues and tourism.

Social – In learning a language we are learning to communicate and express ourselves appropriately. Pupils will learn how to communicate through the four key skill areas; reading, listening, writing and speaking. Pupils will also be able to explore social issues at GCSE such as poverty, charities and discrimination.

Cultural – Students are encouraged to understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity; participate in cultural opportunities. Students will learn about different celebrations and traditions in Francophone countries.

Media Studies


Students study Representation in the Media  - featuring respect for all/gender stereotypes/inequality of gender/race/age etc). We also look at how minority groups are represented in film in the Diversity in Hollywood programme of study. Codes and conventions – the role of stereotypes or anti-stereotypes in action adventure films – are also explored as part of the GCSE course. In addition, pupils consider how audience demographics and psychographics are identified to find target audiences.


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