Media Studies

Media Studies

 In Media Studies students get the opportunity to study and create both printed media and moving images during their study of the course.

In the first year of the GCSE for their first coursework component, the Individual Media Portfolio, students analyse the way music videos are made and how they appeal to their target audiences, comparing and contrasting how various groups are represented in this media. They then move onto the study of magazines before creating their own magazine covers from scratch. They have the opportunity to be creative, using ICT, photography and evaluative skills. This Portfolio includes a comparative essay, the production task to create a magazine cover and an evaluative commentary. This comprises 30% of the overall grade.

 In Year 11 students begin their second coursework portfolio – the Production Portfolio. This is a research task which culminates in producing a short production in the form of a film trailer, music promotional video or opening to a new TV series. To complete the portfolio an evaluative commentary is written as well as students being expected to provide research and evidence of planning. This comprises 30% of the overall grade.

 A final exam is taken in the summer. This is a Textual Analysis and Media exam where student are expected to analyse a short excerpt from an Action Adventure film and two sitcom episodes shown on British TV. This task allows students to showcase their analytical skills and their ability to comment on a range of codes and conventions featured in moving images. This exam is 40% of the overall grade.

 By the end of the course, students should be confident in their creative skills and their ability to be analytical of a range of different elements of the world of Media.


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