Please use the menu at the left to navigate our curriculum information. Below is some general information about the curriculum offered at Queen Elizabeth High School.


For any curriculum enquiries, the information below sets out the best person to contact;

  1. for any subject specific query, please contact the relevant Faculty Leader
  2. for any concerns relating to your child’s progress across a number of subjects, please contact the relevant Progress Leader or Deputy Head Teacher
  3. for queries relating to the curriculum itself, please contact the Headteacher

A full staff list of names and roles can be found here



The Queen Elizabeth High School curriculum has at its heart a vision for learning which serves to:

  • Equip students with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to be actively involved in the society of their future;
  • Develop student’s confidence in their own identity, their capacity to learn and their ability to relate positively to others as responsible citizens;
  • Stimulate intellectual development by nurturing enquiring minds and instilling an active disposition towards further learning;

Every student at Queen Elizabeth High School is entitled to receive a full, broad and balanced curriculum.


  • Ensure breadth and balance relevant to the ages and maturity of learners;
  • Meet the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and ensure access to these for all students;
  • Take considered advantage of the different emphases that can be provided within the basic curriculum in response to pupil abilities, talents and aspirations;
  • Ensure progression appropriate to the maturity and needs of the individual, including acknowledged special educational needs;
  • Provide challenge and opportunities for students to attain high levels of achievement in preparation for their adult lives, responding to a variety of learning styles.


Fundamental to the curriculum is the quality of teaching and learning. We will look for ways to continually improve the quality of teaching, based on agreed quality standards and a reflective, collaborative approach. Assessment for Learning strategies are pivotal to continued improvement and progress.  To improve the quality of learning we will continue to promote more independent and personalised learning, and to take continuing account of preferred learning styles and the needs of students of all abilities, including those who are gifted and talented.

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Curriculum Statement 2016-2017

Curriculum Statement Plan 2017- 2018

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