Options Process

During Year 9 all pupils follow a common curriculum. At the beginning of Year 10, pupils embark upon 2 year courses, in most cases leading to GCSE. Pupils spend more time on each of a reduced number of subjects, some of which are taken as “options”. We are now beginning the important period when the choice of subjects must be made.

The choices that students make for GCSE are critical in terms of their future academic and/or career path as well as their potential achievement. Courses should be chosen to maximise achievement and ensure that your child’s preferred career options remain open.

There is a lot of information on hand and expert advice available from our teachers and careers advisers over the coming weeks that will ensure that the correct curriculum choices are made for each and every student.

Our Options Booklet will provide all students and parents/carers with information about everything studied at QEHS. It also has all the information required to make fully informed choices about what subjects to study next year and through to the end of year 11, how the application process works and answers some of the most FAQs. Explains the options process, Important Dates and deadlines, Subject implications of the Government Initiative, How the curriculum works at QEHS and information on all the different courses studied at KS4

Options Evening 2017

Options Booklet 2017


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