Homework, Exams & Revision

KS4 – Homework should be set weekly for each subject undertaken and will take the form of coursework support, examination style questions or extension/consolidation tasks.   Where appropriate, these will be assessed against set criteria which clearly help develop the ability of students to structure and answer examination style responses.

List of revision guides

KS3 – English, mathematics and French to be set each week as a single homework.

KS3 – For all other subjects to be delivered through an Independent Study Task (IST). An IST is a set of tasks relating to a particular topic and over the course of 3 weeks form the basis of a student lead project. They should last for approximately 6-8 hours each and have 2 monitoring windows (7 and 14 days after setting). They are delivered on a rota across the year.

Seneca revision

Revision Techniques

Homework Timetable

IST Timetable

Exam information
Information for candidates – written exams
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Information for candidates – Privacy Notice (10).doc
Information for candidates – onscreen tests
JCQ Social Media
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Graded table of offences


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