Queen Elegance Cheerleading Team

Queen Elegance Cheerleading & Acrobatics Team is in its second year at the school which started as a small group of a dozen students and has grown to a squad nearly 30 strong and is helping to engage students with exercise and is inclusive to all students. The Cheerleading Program is designed to teach girls & boys aged 11-16yrs  about the sport of Cheerleading. Not only does this program offer training in tumbling, stunting, motions and jumps, it also provides students with values to use for life.

Becoming a part of a Cheerleading team teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, desire, leadership, time management, etc. Because this program requires students to spend a lot of time together and to rely on each other, this program also places a great emphasis on friendship, trust and fun.

The Cheerleading Program is a multi-level program that includes basic fundamentals all the way to advanced competition. Classes are designed to have a strong emphasis on having fun and enjoying the sport. The inclusive program encourages exercise and fitness for students aged 11-16yrs as well as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and leadership with an emphasis on friendship, trust and fun.

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