Behaviour and Conduct

At Queen Elizabeth High School we want our students to consider their conduct and how it impacts on their learning and that of their peers in a positive light. Within school we refer to all issues surrounding behaviour by the term conduct as this allows more positive connotations.

Please refer to the full Conduct for Learning Policy at the foot of this page for further details.

Code of Conduct

  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy whether a student, member of staff or visitor
  • Follow the instructions of staff at all times, non-compliance will be seen as a breach of school policy
  • Have self-respect and do nothing to put yourself or others at risk
  • Treat school property and buildings with respect at all times
  • Walk sensibly and quietly, keeping to the left in corridors is safe and expected
  • Any form of bullying, verbal or physical, is totally unacceptable. Fighting and “play” fighting causes injury to others and is NEVER allowed
  • Ensure you attend school as fully as possible and arrive to classes punctually, equipped and ready to learn
  • To ensure all students are safeguarded within school, the use of mobile technology is not permitted
  • Adhere to the school uniform and make-up requirements and follow the instructions of staff enforcing them
  • Take pride in yourselves and our school



  • Take responsibility for your own appearance by wearing the full school uniform as set out within this policy. When challenged on a breach of uniform, follow the instructions you are given to rectify the situation
  • Jewellery is not part of the school uniform – no more than 5 single studs in each ear is acceptable plain gold or silver 5mm in diameter (facial studs, including tongue piercings are not permitted). Similarly spacers, flesh tunnels, retainers are not permitted although students may wear an invisible (clear acrylic) retainer. The use of bars and other such adornments is not permitted. The school reserves the right to remove students from classes where they refuse to comply in removing such jewellery if requested to do so. When challenged on a breach of jewellery, follow the instructions you are given to rectify the situation
  • Hair must be of a natural colour and should not feature tramlines, patterns or extreme use of long-term dyes. Where students present in contravention of this they may be removed from lessons until the issue has been addressed in line with policy
  • No patterns or cut lines should be visible in eyebrows. Where these are seen they must be filled with an appropriate eyebrow pencil. Where students present in contravention of this they may be removed from lessons until the issue has been addressed in line with policy
  • Similarly, students wearing excessive make-up and non-natural nails will be expected to remove them as requested. Although staff will take a sensible approach in judging the use of make-up, when challenged on a breach of make-up, follow the instructions you are given to rectify the situation
  • No tattoos. Parents and carers are reminded that students at school should not have permanent tattoos in any form due to their age. Where students have temporary tattoos these should be fully covered until they have worn off
  • No hooded tops, caps, hats or sweatshirts to be worn within the school building, all hoods must remain down whilst on school site unless adverse weather conditions necessitate them being worn up. Upon entry to school, all outdoor clothing should be removed
  • Plain black shoes or trainer type shoes with no visible logos other than in black and plain black belts for trousers. Where these are not available you may be asked to wear pumps provided. Buckles must not be overly large or feature advertising or wording in any format
  • Skirts should be of a length that ensures the student is deemed to be wearing it respectfully, for students new to the school the purchase of a QE skirt is mandatory. Where this is not the case the student will be asked to adjust the length to a more appropriate one. Skirts should only be worn with a similar coloured pair of tights. Trousers should not be skin-tight, and should not be made from denim, lycra or similar materials, leggings or jeggings are not allowed. Students in contravention of this may be asked to change them or be removed from lessons for the remainder of the day
  • Make sure you have everything you need for the school day
  • Show that you care, can be trusted and be truthful at all times
  • Respect and celebrate the achievements of all members of our school community as if those achievements were your own
  • Use your time wisely
  • Be on time to registration and to all lessons
  • Work with purpose for the whole lesson, showing you are ready to learn and succeed
  • Always show respect for other students who are working
  • Raise your hand if you need help
  • Always show respect for your teacher and other adults and the equipment you are using in your lesson
  • Take pride in our school
  • Make sure the positive reputation of our school is reflected in your actions
  • Keep all parts of our school clean and tidy
  • Be good representatives both in and out of school at all times
  • Smoking or “vaping” is not allowed on or near the school premises. Students found smoking or vaping on site or with students smoking on site will be heavily sanctioned. Smoking on school premises indicates that a student has brought on to the school site the means to set a fire. This is a serious health and safety issue and therefore it is the devices used to enable smoking which constitute the greatest threat to the school staff and students. In all instances involving smoking, vaping and/or lighters/matches on school premises, parents/carers will be informed
  • Mobile phones/electronic devices should not be brought into school. If a student is seen with a mobile phone/electronic device irrespective of it being used, the phone will be confiscated and be secured for collection by a parent/carer only. These items will not be returned to students. . Students are encouraged to use the system of handing in phones to reception on entry to the school and collecting them as they leave. The school will accept absolutely no responsibility for loss, damage or theft as a result of a student not following this policy
  • The school works closely with a range of organisations including the police. It is school policy to comply fully with police investigations whether it relates to actions within school or not. Where a request is made by a police official for the contact details of any student they are investigating this will always be granted

Conduct for Learning Policy

Anti Bullying Policy






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