Single Central Record

Queen Elizabeth High School enforces the strictest safeguarding checks both pre-employment and on an ongoing basis during employment, including, but not restricted to DBS checks, prohibition checks and right to work in the UK checks.

The Single Central Record (SCR) is maintained solely by Mrs V Leighton and overseen by both the Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs K Lane and further scrutiny conducted by the Governor with Safeguarding responsibility Mrs S Reeves-Walters.

Updates and checks are done in “real time” in other words during the recruitment process and at periods during employment as specified, for example DBS checks are carried out for all staff on a 3 year cycle.  Monitoring of the record is completed at least monthly.  All recruitment is conducted with appropriate regard and adherence to safer recruiting protocols.

The Single Central Record is not a public document, however, for those professionals with the appropriate rights to view, for example Ofsted inspectors, they can do so on site with Mrs Leighton and Mrs Lane.


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