QEHS Careers Programme

Our school offers a dynamic and advanced Careers Programme which encompasses the whole school from Year 7 right up to Year 11. We don’t believe in leaving crucial careers decisions to the last minute. At QE we know that students who are interested in their futures and have early aspirations are well-motivated to reach their goals and generally perform better in class. It’s a win-win situation.

This is why our Careers Programme starts in Year 7 with Kudos, the leading careers development software programme designed to help students explore, develop and maximize their potential. QE has invested heavily in Kudos so that every student from Year 7 to Year 11 has one lesson every half term using this programme to explore which jobs and careers paths they are best suited to. Kudos gives up to the minute information on the qualifications and study paths each individual child needs to reach their goal. Each session is tailored to each child’s induvial preferences and exactly matches their needs. For example, Kudos can even give details on apprenticeships available within a 20 mile radius of a student’s home, when and if they are ready to explore this option.

This really helps students when they reach the crucial stage in Year 9, when they have to choose their GCSE courses of study.

Progression on Kudos carried out within citizenship lessons Academic year 18-19

Students have one allocated careers lessons within their citizenship timetable every half term. The programs of study and engagement are as follows;

Years 7 and 8

  • Complete the My Future quiz to encourage self-awareness.
  • Explore Subjects and where they lead-use this to make informed subject choices for GCSE
  • Explore and compare careers
  • Favourite careers.

Year 9

  • Review My Future quiz
  • Answer skills questions
  • What skills can/do I need to improve?
  • Explore personality style for soft self-awareness
  • Explore industries, local vacancies and LMI
  • Start to fill in personal development section.

Year 10

  • Use CV builder before work experience
  • Explore case studies and day in the life of chose work experience careers.
  • Record employer engagements against relevant careers in Kudos.
  • Record work experience, update skills.
  • Continue to fill in personal development.

Year 11

  • Explore all the entry routes available
  • Research Subjects and where they lead-use this to make informed subject choices for A level
  • Fill in personal statement supporting information
  • Review My Future and skills
  • Continue to fill in personal development.

Getting Information and Inspiration From Real People

At QE we also have a rolling programme of outside speakers to come into school and tell our students about their own businesses and professional careers. This gives students the chance to meet employers and business from both the local area and further afield. Students get the chance to ask questions and find out what it’s really like to work as a dog groomer, run your own catering business, or be a financial advisor – just to name a few examples.

Provider Access Policy Statement

Work Experience

All Year 10 students go on a two week Work Experience, this gives everyone the chance to explore the world of work at first hand and is a great help in finding out whether a particular career would suit or not.  Year 10s will also have a chance to attend the 3 Colleges Taster Day at Hereford Sixth Form College, Hereford and Ludlow College and Hereford College of Arts.  Students can choose from a range of subject courses and assess which venue they would prefer.

Students on vocational courses such as Child care, Automotive studies and Construction also have opportunities wth local employers within the classroom and for formal placements as part of their course.

Mock Interviews

To prepare our students even further, we also run a series of mock job and college interviews with the help of local businesses, employers and colleges. This really helps to show our students what is expected of them in ‘real life’ interview situations, and shows then what employers and colleges are looking for in terms of social and presentation skills.

Making Plans

In Year 11, every student will have at least one face to face interview with Mr Lush in which they can explore their career options, hopes and aspirations. This will lead to a short-term and long-term plan.  The short-term plan will include researching college and/or apprenticeship options, finding out about open days and , eventually completing applications.  This will normally involve having more than one option – applications can be made to as many colleges as are relevant: students can then decide where to go when their results have arrived and they have had more time to finally decide.

College Visits & Course Applications

In January, Year 11s also have a taster visit to Hereford Sixth Form College, which enables them to check on 3 subjects they are considering – they visit the relevant class rooms and are presented with outlines of the courses by the College Tutors.  The long-term plan will include looking at University, Apprenticeship or Training programmes. Often, these will affect the short-term plan, but at this stage, it is important to keep these options open. Mr Lush is available to consult Year 11 students throughout the whole application process.

Careers Event

In February, the school holds a Careers Event, which brings employers, local and national, Training Providers and Colleges in to the school hall and allows students and parents/ guardians to discuss all the options directly with the experts.  Not only is this a really useful opportunity for the student to check their plans, but it keeps parents involved and informed of the next steps.

Where Next ?

The majority of students will be looking to progress from QE to one of the excellent local colleges.

Hereford Sixth Form College www.hereford.ac.uk  e-mail : sixth-form@hereford.ac.uk

Worcester Sixth form College : www.wsfc.ac.uk  e-mail : enquiries@wsfc.ac.uk

Hereford College of Arts : http://www.hca.ac.uk/  e-mail : enquiries@hca.ac.uk

Hartpury College : www.hartpury.ac.uk  e-mail : enquire@hartpury.ac.uk

Hereford Cathedral School : http://www.herefordcs.com/  e-mail : schoolsec@herefordcs.com

Hereford and Ludlow College www.hlcollege.ac.uk  e-mail : enquiries@hlcollege.ac.uk

Heart of Worcester College : http://www.howcollege.ac.uk/  e-mail : info@howcollege.ac.uk

Walford and North Shropshire College : www.ncs.ac.uk  e-mail : info@ncs.ac.uk

Hereford and Ludlow College, Heart of Worcester College , Hartpury College and Walford and North Shropshire College are also excellent at providing links and progressions on to Apprenticeship programmes. Mr. Lush is happy to discuss these as well.


Those interested in the apprenticeship route are also encouraged to explore these options :

Hereford and Worcester Group Training Association : http://www.hwgta.org/  e-mail : info@hgta.org

Riverside Training : www.riverside-training.co.uk  e-mail : info@riverside-training.co.uk

Nova Training www.novatraining.co.uk  e-mail : suehobson@novatraining.co.uk

There are also visits from various employment sectors, colleges, universities and services arranged each year – these will be added throughout the year.

At the start of each Academic Year, the Open days of all the relevant colleges and schools will be circulated by the Careers Department. Students and parents/ guardians are encouraged to attend these.


The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service offers confidential and impartial advice. This is supported by qualified careers advisers. Click here to find out more about The National Careers Service

Excellent Careers Package

To sum up, at QE we truly believe we offer a bespoke, up to date and wide ranging careers package for our students – supporting them every step of the way to have aspirations and to be totally prepared for the world of work and study once they leave us.

Mrs Lane

Assistant Head teacher





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