Homework Policy

Queen Elizabeth Humanities College is committed to maximising learning opportunities and recognises the role homework plays in this.

As such, homework should:

  • Reinforce classroom based learning
  • Help students to develop independent learning skills, including research skills
  • Be at a suitable level for each student

Setting of Homework

Homework must be set in accordance with the published homework timetable. Every student is given a copy of the homework timetable and it is also available on the College website.

Students should spend 20-30 minutes on homework per subject at Key Stage 3. This increases to 40-60 minutes per subject at Key Stage 4.

Students must record homework in their planner. They should also ensure that the deadline for each task is recorded.

Task Setting

Tasks should offer appropriate stretch and challenge for each student. There is no compulsion for homework to include a written element.

Incomplete Homework

Students are expected to complete all homework tasks to the highest possible standard and by the deadline set.

Where a student has not attempted homework, or homework is not complete, parents or carers should write a note in their child’s planner when it will be completed. When a student cannot provide the required note, consequences in line with the College behaviour policy, will be imposed. This will also apply when homework does not demonstrate a student’s best effort.

Monitoring of Homework

Form Tutors and subject teachers must monitor that homework set by teachers
complies with this policy. The Senior Leadership team also regularly monitors the
quality and frequency of homework set in line with College self-evaluation procedures.
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Date: 26th June 2013

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