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The central aim of Queen Elizabeth Humanities College is to develop the potential of each student to the full.

We strive to promote a broad, balanced range of learning experience in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We stress traditional values of good conduct and high achievement while also seeking to prepare students to be ready to accept the implications and responsibilities of belonging to a wider community.

We believe very strongly in the partnership involving the student, parents / carers and the College. This document sets down the expectations we have as a College and our commitment to your child.

The College undertakes to provide:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum, in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum
  • A high standard of teaching and the expectation that all students should achieve results in line with their abilities
  • The College library as a resource for students to undertake research or to continue homework


  • Induction support when a child joins the College
  • Continuing Form Tutor support and advice throughout a student’s education at the College
  • Independent careers advice and guidance from a specialist careers advisor
  • Regular opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress with their Form Tutor, subject teachers and/or the Senior Leadership Team
  • One full written report and five interim reports each academic year
  • Opportunities through a structured Personal, Social and Health Education programme for careers education, developing study skills and opportunities to reflect upon making appropriate choices in a range of moral, social and health-related matters
  • Oopportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities, including lunch-time clubs, sports teams, and educational visits both within the UK and abroad

The setting and marking of homework on a regular basis, with the expectation that normally there will be:

  • 1½ hours homework per day for students in Years 7 and 8
  • 2 hours homework per day for students in Year 9
  • 2½ hours homework per day for students in Years 10 and 11 as recommended in Government guidelines
  • Assistance from the Student Services team to help every student reach their full potential.

We expect parents to agree that they will do all they can to ensure that their child:

  • Understands that the College expects the highest standards of work and behaviour from them
  • Attends College at all required times, and is not absent for reasons other than ill health and for circumstances agreed with the College
  • Always arrives at College punctually, unless extenuating circumstances prevent this
  • Complies with the College uniform requirements, and is in full College uniform on their journey to and from home
  • Maintains the highest standards of behaviour whenever they are on College-related activities in the public domain
  • Keeps an up-to-date and tidy Student Planner which is signed by parents on a weekly basis, and is used as a means of communication between home and the college
  • Is aware of and adheres to the College Code of Conduct and the College’s Classroom Expectations
  • Arrives at College with the appropriate books and equipment (including that required for PE)
  • Understands that loss or damage to College equipment and property used by them is their responsibility
  • Completes all homework set, and does so to the best of their ability.

We ask that parents also:

  • Telephone the College on the first day of any unexpected absence their child may have by 10.00am, explaining the nature of the absence and the length of time their child is likely to be away from College, and follow this up with a note on the first day they return
  • Support the College’s Behaviour and Discipline policy. This includes ensuring that adequate transport arrangements are made if an after-College detention is set for their child
  • Ensure that all College documents are returned promptly. This includes data checking sheets, detention letters, appointment times for Parents’ Evenings and letters concerning College events that require a parental response
  • Ensure that College books are kept in good condition and free from graffiti, and that text books are handed back in good condition at the end of the academic year or when requested
  • Avoid, wherever possible, taking holidays during term time
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