Education of Looked After Children

QEHC believes that we have a special duty to safeguard and promote the education of Looked After Children.


  • To provide a safe and secure environment, where education is valued and there is a belief in the abilities and potential of all children.
  • To support our looked after children and give them access to every opportunity to achieve to their potential and enjoy learning.
  • To fulfill our schools’ role as corporate parents to promote and support the education of our Looked After Children, by asking the question, ‘Would this be good enough for my child?’


  • Nominate a Designated teacher for Looked After Children who will act as their advocate and co-ordinate support for them. At QEHC this is Mrs Jo Tyler, Pastoral Manager.
  • Nominate a school governor to ensure that the needs of Looked After Children in the school are taken into account at a school management level and to support the Designated Teacher.
  • Support the Designated teacher in carrying out their role by making time available and ensuring that they attend training on Looked After Children.

The Designated teacher will:

Maintain an up to date record of all Looked After Children who are on the school roll.

This will include:

  • Status i.e. care order or accommodated.
  • Type of placement i.e.foster, respite, residential.
  • Name of social worker, area office, telephone number.
  • Daily contact and numbers e.g. name of parent or carer or key worker in children’s home.
  • SEN Code of Practice – School Action / School Action Plus where appropriate
  • Child Protection information when appropriate.
  • Baseline information and all test results.
  • Attendance figures
  • Exclusions

They will:

  • Ensure that there is a Personal Education Plan for each child/young person to include appropriate targets and above information. This must be compatible with the child’s/young person’s Care Plan and where applicable include any other school
  • plan, e.g. Statement of Special Education Need, and associated plans, Transition
  • Plan, Pastoral Support Programme.
  • Ensure that someone attends Children’s Services Reviews on each child/young person and / or always prepares a written report which promotes the continuity and stability of their education.
  • Ensure that if / when the child transfers school all relevant information is forwarded to the receiving school as a matter of priority.
  • Ensure that systems are in place to identify and prioritise when Looked After Children are underachieving and have early interventions to improve this in line with existing school policy.
  • Ensure that systems are in place to keep staff up to date and informed about Looked After Children where and when appropriate.
  • Ensure that Looked After Children, along with all children are listened to and have equal opportunity to pastoral support in school.
  • Ensure that they keep the school up to date with current legislation and its implication for the school in respect of Looked After Children.
  • Report to the Governing body annually on the performance of the looked after children who are on the roll of the school.
  • All governors and staff will: support the local authority in its statutory duty to promote the educational achievement of looked after children
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