This policy covers four areas:

  • Principles, Values and Entitlements
  • Identifying CPD Needs
  • CPD Provision
  • Evaluating Impact and Disseminating Good Practice

Principles, Values and Entitlements

  1. QEHC is a “learning community” where all are involved in a continuous process of improvement and enrichment. The College is committed to fostering a positive climate for continuous learning. CPD is the means by which the College is able to motivate and develop its community. It does so at a variety of levels – individual, team, whole College and through wider networks with an emphasis on collaborative learning.
  2. The College believes in the DfE philosophy that “effective teachers should take ownership and give a high priority to professional development”. It believes that a coherent and progressive opportunity to develop professionally and personally both improves standards and raises morale through personal and professional fulfilment and assists recruitment and retention. The College’s CPD will be co-ordinated by the DHT.
  3.  All those involved in the College community shall have an entitlement to equality of access to high-quality induction and continuing support and development.
  4. The central features of the CPD policy comprise effective auditing and identification of need and aspiration, ensuring appropriate match of provision to learning needs of the individual, reliable and explicit evaluation of the impact of provision, effective dissemination of good and successful practice to ensure that such practice is embedded and reinforced
  5. The College will use a range of types of provision and providers adopting “Best Value” principles in determining these.
  6. The College’s CPD provision will allow staff to develop skills and competencies, progressively allowing them to build on and reinforce skills and expertise dealt with earlier, particularly across the key areas identified in the appropriate Standards Frameworks.
  7. The College will support professional recognition including accreditation of the CPD undertaken wherever possible.

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