Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Staff Statement

Queen Elizabeth High School has the strictest of systems in dealing with any allegation made against a staff member.  These are internal procedures but where the allegation involves a student or indeed a minor, the advice and involvement of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) is immediately sought.  Where as a result of the allegation the LADO makes a recommendation to suspend a staff member or where the Headteacher is of the opinion that this is appropriate then a formal procedure is implemented immediately in line with the appropriate policies set by Hoople HR.

These policies are considered internal and apply to all staff at Queen Elizabeth High School as employees but are not public documents for scrutiny.  Where there is clear authority to review such documents for statutory reasons, for example an Ofsted inspector, these documents are available by contacting the PA to the Headteacher Mrs V Leighton or by viewing on site.

Should there be any concerns or allegations that need to be reported in respect of staff at Queen Elizabeth High School, these should be addressed immediately to the Headteacher.

Should there be a requirement to speak directly with the LADO, currently for Herefordshire Mr P Rooney, he can be contacted via the Local Authority at Plough Lane.



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