Art Homework

Year 7 moving into Year 8

These artists are associated with Perspective in art. Find some info about:

  • Fillipo Brunelleschi
  • Johannes Vermeer
  • M C Esher

Year 8 moving into Year 9

Collect images and resources that relate to popular culture. These could things to do with TV, Newspaper, Celebrities, Fashion, Top brands, etc. Images could be photos, printed off computer, photocopies, packaging/tickets, etc. Create a mood bored using the images you’ve collected should cover at least 1 side of A4 paper completely. See Mood board examples.

Year 9 moving into Year 10 (BTEC Group)

4 drawings of natural forms – Try plants/leaves/flowers or fruit/vegetables. Remember you can look at the whole object or close-up views. Look for unusual viewpoints, cross sections, etc. Try different media if you can.

Year 10 moving into Year 11

Artist research task – see sheet (handed out in lessons)


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