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QEHS has some excellent facilities which are available for hire to local community groups and businesses. Whether you are looking for a sports venue or conference facilities, a performance space or ICT suite, we have a variety of options and are happy to help plan your event.

The main hall has capacity for up to 250 people and catering can be arranged. The gym is suitable for 5-a-side or other sports and training activities but not badminton. The pitches and tennis courts can also be hired.

Costs are very reasonable and are based on length of time, equipment required and requirements for caretaker and other staff.

To enquire please contact the office on 01885 482230 or email

Charges for Lettings

Application for Hire of Facilities


Mini Buses

The minibuses are fitted with removable seats to provide for additional space. These can only be removed and replaced by a person trained to do so. The bus has a seating capacity of 14/16 including the driver and up to 4 wheelchairs and includes accommodation and ramp access for 1 person in a wheel chair. These facilities are only to be used by trained personnel.

The saloon seats are fitted with seat belts. Passengers must use the available restraint systems at all times, unless they hold a medical exemption certificate.


Entitlement to drive the Minibuses is partly determined by the date when a driver passed his/her UK manual car driving test. Drivers who passed the test before 1 January 1997 have an automatic entitlement (until the age of 70) to drive a minibus with 9-16 passenger seats. The old style of driving licence will show a driving entitlement of category A (cars). The new style of driving licence will show category B (cars) and D1 (9-16 passenger seat minibuses).

Drivers must undertake the Hereford and Worcester Driver Assessment Test.  The test can be arranged by Queen Elizabeth High School.  At the end of the test the driver will be given a certificate of approval.


  • All buses are available on a casual basis.
  • All users will be provided with detailed information on guidelines, regulations and conditions of use.
  • The user group must nominate the approved driver who will be responsible for the bus and for observing all traffic and parking laws and regulations.

Bookings on a Casual basis:

  • Casual bookings can be made over the phone throughout the year by contacting QEHS.  Bookings are assessed in order of receipt and dependent upon bus availability.
  • Once a casual booking is accepted over the phone the organisation/group must organise for their driver to come to QEHS.
  • First time users of the bus must fill in an application form and have their licence sighted and copied.


The buses are insured by QEHS.


The buses are covered by the AA.  There is no space for the spare wheel to be carried in the buses.  If you have a puncture, inform the AA who will replace the tyre and they must be told the spare wheel is kept at Q.E.H.S.

To see the full policy, please click here

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